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Looking for a New Lincoln? See Whether Financing or Leasing is the Premier Choice for You?

Lincoln is one of the most storied American automakers available with a long history of providing drivers an excellent new car or SUV. In turn, shopping for a new Lincoln is one of the most rewarding experiences because you are given the opportunity to get a luxurious, modern, and comfortable car or SUV that is ready to impress! If you are interested in getting behind the wheel of a new Lincoln, you are going to want to come over to Ditschman/Flemington Lincoln in Flemington, NJ and check out everything we can offer.

When you decide that it is time to shop for a Lincoln and would like to better understand the ins-and-outs of the shopping experience, we are ready to help you better understand the financing options available to all drivers. Learn about the different options today and get ready to enjoy shopping more than ever before!

Financing a New Lincoln

There are two main ways to become the proud owner of a Lincoln with the first being financing. Financing a new Lincoln simply means buying a Lincoln through an auto loan that you will eventually pay down over the course of the loan until you completely own the Lincoln! There are numerous reasons to consider financing a new Lincoln and drivers all over the Doylestown, PA and Princeton area are will certainly love what financing can offer.

  1. When financing you are given the opportunity to own the Lincoln outright once you pay off the loan
  2. The loan can be structured in various ways to better fit your budget and lifestyle. Most commonly though, the loan can be structured for 24, 36, 48, 60,72, and 84 months, with numerous APR options available to you. Talk to our staff in the finance center to learn about the options available to you
  3. When you decide to finance a new Lincoln, you are going to be able upgrade and accessorize your Lincoln to liking
  4. Once you pay off your loan completely, you will completely own the Lincoln and can either continue to enjoy it for years to come, or trade it in towards your next big purchase

Leasing a New Lincoln

On the other hand, when you decide that you would rather lease your next new Lincoln, you are going to love the fact that you can still enjoy a new Lincoln, all while not being tied to it for too many years. More importantly though, when you decide to lease a new Lincoln you are going to love that these models are going to be friendly on your budget and ensure you can still enjoy every adventure around the Hillsborough and Bridgewater, NJ areas!

  • If you are the type of person who want the latest and greatest, leasing is a great option because leases commonly run only 36 months, or three years
  • Leasing is also a great option for driver who want to have a lower monthly payment because when you lease you are only paying for depreciation, instead of the entire cost of the Lincoln
  • In many cases, leasing is a great option because during your ownership you will not be on the hook for any major repairs or maintenance because most maintenance, routine maintenance in particular, is covered under your lease agreement. Check with our staff to see what will be covered when you work with us
  • Finally, leasing is one of the best choices for drivers who may not have the best credit possible. While your credit may be good, it may not be "buy a car good" and leasing a Lincoln will allow you the opportunity to get a luxurious new car or SUV that you will love. Get a credit estimate to see what may work for you!

For drivers all over the Flemington area, Ditschman/Flemington Lincoln is by far one of the premier places to shop for a new Lincoln. More importantly though, when you work with us, you are going to be able to better understand the idea of financing or leasing your next new Lincoln!

Apply for financing today and we are going to be ready to help! See you soon!

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