At Ditschman/Flemington Lincoln in Flemington, NJ, we strive to help our customers take care of their vehicles and avoid problems. A common issue that can lead to expensive repairs, along with frustration, is engine overheating. You can avoid ending up stranded on the side of the road if you know the main reasons your engine may be overheating. Don't wait if you suspect one of these issues.

Proper coolant levels are essential to engine temperature maintenance. If yours is low or empty, this is a sure way to overheat your engine. You also want to be aware that a broken thermostat can sometimes get stuck in the open or closed position. When this happens, it can't keep things properly cooled.

Your engine depends on its fan to cool the radiator, particularly while the engine is idling. A broken fan is a relatively easy fix. You could also have a coolant leak. Get that fixed right away if you find yourself topping coolant off regularly.

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