You’d be surprised at how many drivers believe they know everything they need to know about their vehicle yet do not know what many of the parts are for. Such is the case with the transfer case. The transfer case is a very important part of your vehicle. Our team at Ditschman/Flemington Lincoln in Flemington, NJ can answer any questions you may have or inspect your vehicle if you suspect transfer case issues.

The transfer case is responsible for giving your wheels the power they need when it’s needed. The transfer case is what’s responsible for transferring power to the rear wheels when it’s needed most. Even though most cars today have front-wheel drive, the transfer case is still important because it must transfer the power to the back tires. The transfer case not only helps your vehicle move but also helps keep the four-wheel-drive system of your car properly aligned. This is one of the many reasons why drivers should make sure the transfer case is in good condition and doing its job.

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