Odds are, your dog loves going for a drive around Flemington, NJ. You can enjoy bringing your furry friend along for the ride without worrying about the pet hair they leave behind. Just keep in mind the following tips from Ditschman/Flemington Lincoln.

Keeping up on grooming appointments and regular brushing can help reduce the amount of pet hair. You may also find the simplest solution is to get seat covers. Bringing along some lint rollers can also help grab the fur before it has had a chance to settle.

When you are ready to tackle removing built-up pet hair in your vehicle, a good old vacuum cleaner is a good first tool to use. Once the majority of fur is gone, you can shift your focus too hard to reach areas and stubborn pieces of hair. Velcro curlers, a balloon, and a wire brush all make handy tools for getting the last of it.

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