Whether you plan to stay in Flemington, NJ through the winter, or take some road trips, we at Ditschman/Flemington Lincoln believe a winter survival kit is important. Even if you purchase a ready-made kit, you may need to supplement it with some items.

You should have tools to deal with the elements on and around your car, such as a shovel, a de-icer, and an ice-scraper. Chains may be necessary for driving in heavy snow, and jumper cables can help if your battery dies. If you become lost, a charged phone and a paper map can be important. With reflective warning triangles or road flares, you can alert others as to your location.

You should also have a blanket and warm clothes, snacks, water, and waterproof footwear. A first-aid kit can help if someone is injured. A flashlight and extra batteries may also be helpful.

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