At Ditschman/Flemington Lincoln, many Flemington, NJ shoppers choose SUVs because they have ample storage space. If you have an SUV that you use to transport cargo, follow these tips to ensure you load and unload your items safely.

While SUVs may have plenty of space for cargo, it's not recommended to stack items from the floor to the roof because it will hinder your visibility. Be sure to check the load capacity of your SUV, and it's also helpful to load the heaviest items on the floor. This will keep the center of gravity lower, which will reduce the chance of a rollover.

Be sure to secure all loose items. Larger items and boxes can be secured using cargo anchors. This will prevent items from flying through the cabin if you have to come to a sudden stop. It's also a good idea to check the tire pressure and condition of your tires before you travel with heavy items.

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