Many Flemington, NJ motorists are looking for vehicles that are capable of comfortably and safely accommodating every member of their households. For those with small children, being able to easily and securely install safety seats is essential. At Ditschman/Flemington Lincoln, we want to share helpful information on LATCH evaluations, including how these ratings can inform your next car purchase.

LATCH or Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children refers to the system of components that are used to secure child safety seats firmly in place. Not only should these systems be effective and reliable, but they should additionally be both easy and intuitive for parents to use. A vehicle that has a high LATCH rating will accommodate a diverse range of car seat designs while also simplifying and streamlining the installation process. This level of flexibility and general ease-of-use ensures that all parents can install child safety seats in accordance with the seat manufacturer's recommendations.

Some of the additional points considered during a LATCH evaluation include whether or not the anchor system and the abutting seat belt can be used simultaneously, the maximum weight limit for each anchor or other support, and the depth of attachment anchors within seat bights among many factors. With this information, those with young children can ensure that choosing, using, and installing car seats is not an endless source of frustration. Ultimately, LATCH ratings make it infinitely easier for car buyers to identify child-friendly vehicles.

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