Dogs are a man's best friend, but their hair might your car's worst enemy. And it's not just dogs, either - cats, gerbils, hamsters, bunnies, and more can all leave behind trails of fur wherever you travel. At Ditschman/Flemington Lincoln, we've definitely encountered this problem ourselves, and here's how we found how to deal with it.

For us, the best tricks usually occur before we bring out the vacuums. Pet hair has the tendency to cling to whatever fabrics it's on, so your car seats are probably covered in the stuff. That's why we recommend static electricity or fabric softener to help loosen the amount of hair before you commence vacuuming.

There are a variety of prevention tips you can employ to keep pet hair from accumulating in your car, but unless you want to employ seat covers every time you take Fido for a drive, maybe just stick with the post-shed reality and wipe, vacuum, and do it all over again.

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