When you’ve had your car’s motor oil changed, you’ve probably heard words that have little to no meaning to you, such as motor oil viscosity. While “viscosity” may be unfamiliar to you, it’s an important word in terms of motor oil and the type of motor oil your car needs. If you change your own oil or just want to learn more about motor oil and motor oil viscosity, come to Ditschman/Flemington Lincoln, and speak to our professionals.

Motor oil viscosity determines how much flow motor oil can resist and how quickly it can flow through the engine. In a motor oil rated at 10W-30, the viscosity is at 10W whenever the engine is cold and at 30 when the engine’s hot. Lower viscosities are better during cold temps, and higher viscosities are better in warm temperatures.

Using motor oil with the right viscosity is very important, so bring your car to our shop in Flemington, NJ, and let our technicians service your vehicle.

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