Once you put gas in your car's gas tank, there has to be a device to get it from the gas tank to the engine. That device is called a fuel pump. Most of the time, your car's fuel pump works silently, allowing you to take on all the roads around Flemington, NJ with ease. Sometimes, though, your fuel pump will begin to have problems that could affect the operation of your vehicle. Here are some possible symptoms of a malfunctioning fuel pump.

One common sign of a bad fuel pump is engine sputtering. If your engine seems to suddenly lose and then regain power without warning, it could be because the fuel system isn't supplying the necessary fuel to the rest of the engine. If you notice this problem becoming more frequent as time goes on, you can be even more sure that something is wrong with your fuel pump. Another telltale sign of a bad fuel system is irregular readings on your fuel gauge. If you notice the level on the gauge going up and down in large increments, then it's possible that the fuel pump isn't supplying consistent fuel volumes to the location of the fuel sensor.

At Ditschman/Flemington Lincoln, our service center can take care of all of your car's fuel system problems. Visit us today to help restore your vehicle to normal operation.

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