Vehicles in our inventory at Ditschman/Flemington Lincoln in Flemington, NJ include many innovative technologies, such as auto-dimming rear-view mirrors. Headlights from cars behind your vehicle can cause a blinding glare that can be dangerous. It can temporarily hinder your vision and slow your reaction time, but auto-dimming rear-view mirrors effectively eliminate glare for a safer ride.

Auto-dimming rear-view mirrors eliminate glare with a sensor that detects light from trailing vehicles. When the sensor detects glare, it transfers an electrical charge to a gel that's between the surface of the glass. Once the gel receives the electrical charge, it will darken the rear-view mirrors.

If your vehicle doesn't have auto-dimming rearview mirrors, there are some available that can be easily clipped over the rear-view mirror that comes with your car. Auto-dimming rearview mirrors can even include certain functions like audio driver interface and garage door openers. While you may not think of them often, auto-dimming rear-view mirrors significantly improve safety.

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