Auto-Dimming Mirrors Revealed at Ditschman/Flemington Lincoln

The glare of headlights in your rear-view mirror can be dangerous. Even after the car behind you heads off in another direction, you’ll be left with a blind spot from the glare, limiting your vision. The Auto-Dimming rear-view mirror was invented to keep you safe while driving at night, and we at Ditschman/Flemington Lincoln know exactly how it works.

Auto-Dimming mirrors are electrochromic, meaning they have an electrochromic layer inside them that darkens when activated by a low voltage to reduce the mirror's reflective abilities. It’s all regulated by the control circuit which gathers information from two sensors. There’s one sensor in the front that is activated when hit by a direct glare from headlights, and one in the back, facing the windshield, which reacts to ambient light.

If a car is driving closely behind you, the front sensor will pick up on the headlight glare and tell the control circuit to immediately activate the electrochromic layer, darkening the glass and preventing the blinding reflection.


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