Different Types of Tire Rotation

Properly taking care of your vehicle can be a big task, but our team at Ditschman/Flemington Lincoln aims to make it as simple as possible. We believe that the best way to have good vehicle maintenance is to properly inform all of our customers on what kind of maintenance they need to have taken care of.

Tire rotations are some of the most common maintenance that you can perform on your vehicle and it is a great way to extend the life of your tires. There are many different ways to can rotate your tires. If your tires are all the same size you can do a rearward cross, X-patter, or forward cross. If you have staggered wheels or direction tires you have to either do a front to rear swap or a side to side swap. You get less life out of these tires but they provide you with more performance benefits.

If you need your tires services, or any other issues on your vehicle taken care of you can stop by our service center in Flemington. Our team would be more than happy to get you and your vehicle taken care of.


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